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SWITCHPOINT: The Effective Transfer of Church Leadership



Lead pastoral succession presents one of the most complex and challenging transitions church leaders will ever face. Unfortunately, most pastors entering into pastoral transition at worst fail, and at best, regret the process.

Your Guide to 21st Century Pastoral Transition

In Dr. Glen Wolf’s Switchpoint: The Effective Transfer of Church Leadership, you will walk away with comfort and assurance as these pressing questions are answered:

• How can I thrive through the growing pains of transition?
• How can I glean encouragement from other churches enduring transition?
• What steps can I follow to gracefully pass the baton to the incoming pastor?
• What steps can I follow to gracefully carry the outgoing pastor’s baton?


Hire a Pastoral Succession Consultant

You read SWITCHPOINT and wondered… what’s next? Just understanding the Succession blueprint doesn’t translate in you actually having a successful transition. You need an experienced guide to you walk you through the stages of succession from start to finish.

There is too much at stake if you get this transition wrong

Difficult conversations need an objective voice looking out for all parties involved

Someone needs to manage during the transfers of power. (Leader — Board — New Leader)

"Pastoral transitions are inevitable for every church. They are happening at a faster rate than ever before. That’s why Dr. Glen Wolf’s book Switchpoint is so critical. The theology of spiritual leadership transition and practical step-by-step guide that this book provides is a must for every church."
Doug Clay, General Superintendent, AG National Office

Free Resource:

Succession Emergency Template

Think of it like a will for your church. This fillable worksheet will help you plan for a succession in catastrophic circumstances in an approachable way. Just fill in the names of key staff, your church, trustees, and other relevant information to begin.

About Dr. Glen Wolf

Dr. Glen Wolf

Dr. Glen Wolf is a speaker, author, strategic leadership consultant, and executive Pastor at City Church of Orlando located in Sanford, Florida. Glen received his doctorate of ministry degree from Southeastern University. He is an ordained minister in the Assemblies of God Fellowship. He and his wife, Natalie, live in Central Florida along with their two children, Ethan and Karis.


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Other Endorsments

“The title says it all! Switchpoint. Every Pastor and Church leader has a switch. There’s a point in your calling that you were switched on however we mustn’t forget there is a time in every leader’s life when the switch will move toward the off setting. In this book my friend Glen Wolf unpacks what “off” means. Not an ending but new beginnings. Find encouragement for yourself and all your church leader friends in this book.”
-Sam Chand


“Glen is among the first millennials to address the dire need for mentored succession in a thoughtful manner. His identification of best practices, well researched conclusion, and practical application makes this a standout contribution to this body of work.”
 -Gene Roncone, District Superintendent, The Rocky Mountain Ministry Network


“Dr. Glen Wolf has done a masterful job in giving a delightful, well-written, practical guide for smooth pastoral transitions in the local church. This is a must-read for all pastors and lay leaders.”
-Dr. Alan Brumback, Lead Pastor, First Baptist Church Naples Florida